3 websites, 24 hours

Almost Home website
Dress for Success website
Change Nation website

After 24 long hours, our teams have produced three fantastic websites that will help end the needless destruction of animals, improve people’s lives, and help invigorate our communities.

Tired but elated and so proud of all the hard work and dedication – thank you Tom Cunningham, Donovan Hutchinson
Ciarán Harris, Colm McBarron, Anne Magner, Fabrizio Calderon, Cory-Ann Joseph, Christian Hughes, Mark Wallis, Stephanie Francis, Celine O’Neill, Matt Finucane, Una Vejsbjerg, Neil Turner, Elaine Larkin, John Rainsford, Ken Stanley, Aoife Ross, Michael Flanagan, Paul Watson and Martha Rotter, and all our sponsors.

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