Pro-tips from Stephanie

(Written by Stephanie Francis and cross-posted, here’s some tips from a 24 the Web veteran)

Last year was the inaugural 24 the web and I’m delighted to be involved as a volunteer front-end developer this year.

On the eve of our great challenge, I thought I might share some tips with those new to the experience. I’m terribly practical by nature, so forgive me if I sound like yer ma…

Tech gear

Bring as much as you think you will need to get your bit done and anything you think could be useful to the whole team. Don’t be shy about hauling in a desktop machine if you find it’s more comfortable to work on than your laptop. Consider bringing:

  • External keyboard/mouse
  • Extension lead
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB keys/external storage (although Dropbox is usually popular for sharing stuff)
  • Dongle (just in case!)
  • Headphones

Do bring pens, paper, sticky notes, markers and the like too.

The non-tech essentials

24 the web is a 24 hour challenge BUT you will be up and running for a bit longer than 24 hours so have a think about the following:

  • Dress comfy – 24 hours is longer than you might think!
  • Dress in layers – when I get tired, I get cold but that doesn’t mean I should crank up the heating and send the whole room into a sweat or worse, to sleep!
  • Medicines – no harm to pack some basics like painkillers and if you’re on any regular medication, remember to pack that too – tis an over-nighter after all!
  • Special brew – if Rooibos tea or beef jerky is your fuel, pack some. Some very nice food and drink is being sorted, but obviously not everything and every taste can be accounted for
  • Go easy on the mascara – there shall be rubbing of the eyes, no question so take it handy on the old eye make-up lads and ladies :)
  • Shut eye – you may need 40 winks so maybe bring a hat or one of them eye-patch thingys to help catch some zzz’s.

Try to get as much done as early as you can. Even if you’re the developer waiting on HTML or the designer waiting on a wireframe, try and get a head start because everyone will get tired and it can be tough going writing PHP or content at 4am.

It’s going to be great fun doing something good with some brilliant people. See you bright and bushy in the morning


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