What’s a Content Writer do?

Here’s Cory-Ann to tell you all what a content writer contributes to the making of a great website:


As a content person I’m trying to make sure that the site will be designed and built in a way that:

  • Meets the client’s needs: i.e. it’s no good if they promote four things at one time and they only have one static area on the homepage
  • Reflects what they want to achieve: Most people want everything initially, but after talking to them you can extract one or two key messages that are much more important than everything else. Once you have those you can start assigning priority/space to them in the designs and deprioritising the rest.
  • Is easy to update: Author/migration journeys are sadly neglected – if you have a particular area that needs updating all the time it should be labelled clearly in the CMS and set up in such a way that it’s as easy as possible to make changes.
  • Will meet their needs over time: Things change – for example your team of 4 might become 5,6,7 or 8 – and the designs need to be flexible enough to accommodate this. Hopefully knowing these things in advance will negate the need for code changes every time you need to add content to a page.

I also get stuck into content production and migration – writing copy so that it meets the client’s style and tone, and also making sure it’s optimised for the web, which is short, snappy and driving people to action – as well as specifying links.

Then I’m often responsible for getting the content out of whatever it was typed in into the actual site, which is a lot of copying and pasting followed by reviews, edits and testing.

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