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But hey, you’ve a wildcard too!

What’s a wildcard for? It varies from team to team, but basically it’s an extra pair of hands, or a specialist skill, or a bit of everything. Here’s Neil Turner to explain what he’s been doing… “The Wild Card helps … Continue reading

What’s a Content Writer do?

Here’s Cory-Ann to tell you all what a content writer contributes to the making of a great website: So, As a content person I’m trying to make sure that the site will be designed and built in a way that: … Continue reading

Another quick Blacknight shoutout!

  Just want to give another quick thank you and shout out to Blacknight, who are providing hosting and domain names for our charity websites. Pleas send them thanks, follow them on twitter, and be sure to check out their … Continue reading

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Halfway Point!

It’s the halfway point. Programming has begun in earnest – designs are being turned into HTML and CSS so they go from pictures to web pages. Programmers are plugin these HTML and CSS pages into Content Management Systems and applications … Continue reading

What a designer does

John Rainsford, working on Ashoka’s Change Nation, explains what a designer does: Website design doesn’t simply refer to just the aesthetic look of the website, but also the functionality of the website- keeping the needs of the visitors to the … Continue reading

What does a Project Manager do?

Anne Magner from the team working for Almost Home explains what a project manager does: I’m responsible for the overall planning and execution of the project, setting deadlines on each stage of the project, while ensuring that the brief that … Continue reading

What does a Programmer do?

Here’s what the programmer does when building a website, by Colm McBarron: What a programmer does: As a programmer, my job to to ensure that the site works as well as it looks. The first task is to establish what … Continue reading

What does a HTML/CSS person do?

Paul Watson from team C explains: “As the HTML and CSS code monkey I get to make a baby from the marriage of the UX wireframes and Photoshop designs. Logical, square boxes in the wireframes are pushed through the sausage maker of … Continue reading

Dress for Success

Here’s Sonya Lennon explaining what one of our charities, Dress for Success is all about. Follow @SonyaLennon

Work in Progress

Here’s a wireframe –  it’s a way of rapidly prototyping ideas on screen. Here’s a design work-in-progress – it’s not finished yet…

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