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What a designer does

John Rainsford, working on Ashoka’s Change Nation, explains what a designer does: Website design doesn’t simply refer to just the aesthetic look of the website, but also the functionality of the website- keeping the needs of the visitors to the … Continue reading

What does a Project Manager do?

Anne Magner from the team working for Almost Home explains what a project manager does: I’m responsible for the overall planning and execution of the project, setting deadlines on each stage of the project, while ensuring that the brief that … Continue reading

What does a Programmer do?

Here’s what the programmer does when building a website, by Colm McBarron: What a programmer does: As a programmer, my job to to ensure that the site works as well as it looks. The first task is to establish what … Continue reading

What does a HTML/CSS person do?

Paul Watson from team C explains: “As the HTML and CSS code monkey I get to make a baby from the marriage of the UX wireframes and Photoshop designs. Logical, square boxes in the wireframes are pushed through the sausage maker of … Continue reading

Dress for Success

Here’s Sonya Lennon explaining what one of our charities, Dress for Success is all about. Follow @SonyaLennon

Work in Progress

Here’s a wireframe –  it’s a way of rapidly prototyping ideas on screen. Here’s a design work-in-progress – it’s not finished yet…

6 hours elapsed

We’re one-quarter of the way through… here’s some great photos from Elisha Clarke

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4 hours down

We’re just over four hours into our twenty-four hour web-building marathon. So far most of the work has gone into understanding what the charities need, figuring out a project timeline and assigning tasks, outlining site structures, and wire-framing key pages. … Continue reading

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Team C working with @AshokaIreland on a big event next year are getting their structure in place. (Don’t worry we’re not writing on the walls – it’s sticky whiteboard)

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