Work in Progress

A wireframe on a computer screen

Here’s a wireframe –  it’s a way of rapidly prototyping ideas on screen.

A design work in progress on a laptop

Here’s a design work-in-progress – it’s not finished yet…

Meet the Charity: Hugh Myles of Almost Home

Almost Home is a Facebook group at the moment – they help in the transport and accommodation of stray, lost or rescue animals in need of shelter. Here Hugh tells us about the charity, what they do and how 24theWeb will help them:

Meet the charity: Erin Forner of Ashoka’s Change Nation

Change Nation is an event in Dublin next year, March 22 to 24. Here Erin Forner with Ashoka tells us why they’re bringing 50 of the top Social Entrepreneurs from around the world to Ireland next year.

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6 hours elapsed

We’re one-quarter of the way through… here’s some great photos from Elisha Clarke

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A thank you to our sponsors

A big thank you to our primary sponsors Blacknight – thanks a million guys! They are providing the charities with domains and hosting, helping with stock imagery, and keeping us in fizzy drinks and snacks.

Blacknight advert

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Who’s taking part?

Here’s the awesome volunteers who are taking part in 24 the web – be sure to give them a follow and a shout-out!

For Almost Home

For Dress for Success

For Ashoka Ireland

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Meet the charity – Dress for Success

Team B is working on the Dress for Success Dublin project with Nicola Horgan Rogers. I sat with her to find out more.

The project was started in Ireland by Sonya Lennon, well known for presenting Off The Rails on RTÉ. She came in to meet the team and we had a chat.

Mmmm Cake

Delicious Cakes


Big thank-you to Bake My Cake for lovely cakes and brownies to keep the teams going.

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4 hours down

We’re just over four hours into our twenty-four hour web-building marathon.

A whiteboard with tasks and outlines

Computer monitor with a site wireframe on it

Sketchpads and postits

So far most of the work has gone into understanding what the charities need, figuring out a project timeline and assigning tasks, outlining site structures, and wire-framing key pages.

The more time the teams put into preparation and planning at the start, the more they’ll be able to get done as they’ll waste less time doing unnecessary work.

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Thanks Yamamori!


Massive thank you to Yamamori for our lunchtime bento boxes – went down a treat!

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