Making the shiny

The designer’s job is to create a beautiful, usable design for the website. Working with your team you will help decide a direction for the site, make decisions on imagery, layout, branding, typography, and all the other elements that make for a wonderful looking site.


Code monkey

You will be responsible for integrating the site into a CMS, so that the charity can keep the site up-to-date and interesting. So it’s wrangling with databases, creating custom plugins and hackery, and all that sort of thing. You’ll need to get your own sponsorship for CMS licenses if you go that direction.

Content Writer

Ways with words

Your job is to work with the charity to create compelling, interesting content for the website. You’ll help them define what they want to say, shaping the direction and goals of the site.


Balsamiq vinager

You’ll work with everyone to help define the structure and layout of the site, to ensure it meets the needs of the charity and the goals of their intended audience. You’ll help make sure any major requirements (for example donations or information requests) are considered and kept in focus.


Frontend with style

You’ll translate the IA and designs into HTML/CSS/Javascript with all the front-end programming that involves, and work with the programmer to integrate it into the CMS.

Project Manager

Cracking the whip

It’s up to the project manager to make a schedule, set deadlines, panic when they whizz by, and generally make sure a feasible website is delivered in twenty-four hours. So basically coordinating six people all working on the same project at the same time. Good luck!.


Helpful Randomer/charlie work

This can be anyone! If you have particular skills or experience in the charity sector, are a shit-hot front-end developer, or have any other area of experience that you feel you can help with, then sign up!.

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