What does a Programmer do?

Here’s what the programmer does when building a website, by Colm McBarron:

What a programmer does:
As a programmer, my job to to ensure that the site works as well as it looks.
The first task is to establish what technology we need (CMS, custom webapp, third party apps/widgets).
We do this based on requirements and initial thoughts from the project team.
Once we have the technology stack (in the case of our 24TheWeb project – CMS, Webapp and Forum), it’s a matter of getting that setup, and in our version control system, so the rest of the development team can help out with the workload.
Once the stack is ready, and we have wireframes and designs to work from, it’s all about configuration (CMS and Forum), integration (of the HTML), logic (Webapp).
Then it’s test, tweak and deploy.

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